My Roof is Leaking; What Should I Do?

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Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home. While exposed to extreme weather, your roof may become damaged, leading to a potential leak. A newly installed roof normally lasts between fifteen to twenty years with proper maintenance and care; however, it is not uncommon for a roof to require repair for leakage as it approaches the end of its life span. Years of high winds and extreme weather can erode the material on your roof, making it less durable. If you suspect your roof may have a leak, it is important to look for a few key indicators to help determine where the leak is coming from. Leaks can be spotted by checking for water spots or yellow-ish areas on your ceiling. Missing shingles and debris can end up in your yard after a storm, so it is important to check your yard as well.
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My Roof is Leaking; What Should I Do?

A leak in your roof can compromise the integrity of your living area and lead to damages in the foundation of your home. Storm damage, clogged gutters, ice dams, and antenna removal are all possible causes of a roof leak. Hail storms and high winds have also been known to tear shingles off of homes and cause major damages. If you suspect that your roof may have a leak, it is important to contact an experienced local contractor who can inspect the damage.

What to Expect

A good roofing company will perform a comprehensive assessment of your roof, identifying all problem areas and points of leakage. Once the examination is complete, the contractor can recommend a plan of action: either a spot repair or an overall replacement of your roof. If you have experienced significant damage as a result of roof leakage, it’s important to call your insurance provider and report the damage. Some contractors offer a 24-hour emergency repair service which can help stop the leak until a proper repair can be made. 


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